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	Text -- Write text characters (no formatting).

	Text(rp, string, length)
	     A1  A0      D0-0:16

	void Text(struct RastPort *, STRPTR, WORD);

	This graphics function writes printable text characters to the
	specified RastPort at the current position.  No control meaning
	is applied to any of the characters, thus only text on the
	current line is output.

	The current position in the RastPort is updated to the next
	character position.
	If the characters displayed run past the RastPort boundary,
	the current position is truncated to the boundary, and
	thus does not equal the old position plus the text length.

	rp     - a pointer to the RastPort which describes where the
	         text is to be output
	string - the address of string to output
	length - the number of characters in the string.
	         If zero, there are no characters to be output.

	o   This function may use the blitter.
	o   Changing the text direction with RastPort->TxSpacing is
	    not supported.

	For V34 and earlier:
	o   The maximum string length (in pixels) is limited to
	    (1024 - 16 = 1008) pixels wide.
	o   A text string whose last character(s) have a
	    tf_CharLoc size component that extends to the right of
	    the rightmost of the initial and final CP positions
	    will be (inappropriately) clipped.

	Move()  TextLength()  graphics/text.h  graphics/rastport.h

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