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       GetAttrsA -- Get multiple object attributes
       GetAttrs -- Varargs stub to GetAttrsA

       count = GetAttrsA( object, taglist )

       count = GetAttrs( object, tag, address, ... )

       ULONG GetAttrsA( Object *, struct TagItem * )

       ULONG GetAttrs( Object *, Tag, ... )

       Gets multiple attributes of an object iin a single call.
       Remember that while the function returns the number of
       attributes that were getable, it can not inform WHICH
       attributes, if any, were not. Thus, you shouldn't use this
       function when you are not sure that an attribute is getable.

       object - pointer to the object that should be queried
       taglist - a list of tag and ULONG address pairs to fill

       The number of attributes that succeeded.

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