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	FindNamedObject -- find the next object of a given name. (V39)

	object = FindNamedObject(nameSpace, name, lastObject);
	D0                       A0         A1    A2

	struct NamedObject *FindNamedObject(struct NamedObject *, STRPTR,
					    struct NamedObject *);

	Finds an object and adds to the open count of the object. The
	object is guaranteed not to be freed until ReleaseNamedObject() is
	called. The name comparison is caseless, using the current
	locale string comparison routines.

	If name is NULL, then all objects will be matched.

	If lastObject is non-NULL, it must be an object from the same
	NameSpace found on a previous call to FindNamedObject(). It
	will not be freed by this call. The search will start at the
	node after lastobject, if non-NULL.

	nameSpace is the name space from the named object given
	or the root name space if NULL is given.

	nameSpace - the name space to search
	name - the name of the object to search for
	lastObject - the starting point for the search or NULL

	object - the first match found, or NULL for no match

	ReleaseNamedObject(), <utility/name.h>

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