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	FilterTagItems -- remove selected items from a tag list. (V36)

	numValid = FilterTagItems(tagList,filterArray,logic);
	D0		          A0	  A1	      D0

	ULONG FilterTagItems(struct TagItem *,Tag *,ULONG);

	Removes tag items from a tag list (by changing ti_Tag to
	TAG_IGNORE) depending on whether its ti_Tag value is
	found in an array of tag values.

	If the 'logic' parameter is TAGFILTER_AND, then all items
	not appearing in 'tagArray' are excluded from 'tagList'.

	If 'logic' is TAGFILTER_NOT, then items not found in 'tagArray'
	are preserved, and the ones in the array are cast out.

	tagList	- input list of tag items which is to be filtered by having
		  selected items changed to TAG_IGNORE.
	filterArray - an array of tag values, terminated by TAG_DONE, as
		      specified in the documentation for TagInArray().
	logic - specification whether items in 'tagArray' are to be included
		or excluded in the filtered result.

	numValid - number of valid items left in resulting filtered list.

	<utility/tagitem.h>, TagInArray()

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