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Conditional code provides a second way to take advantage of Release 2
enhancements in a 1.3-compatible application.  The basic idea is to add
low overhead conditional code, based on library version, to make use of
selected Release 2 features if they are available.  There are some
powerful and beneficial Release 2 features which are definitely worth
conditional code.

The control flow for such conditional code is always based on whether a
particular version of a library is available.  Failure of OpenLibrary()
(i.e., return value of NULL) means that the library version requested is
not available.  The version number of a library that successfully opened
can be checked by testing LibBase->lib_Version.  Always check for a
version greater or equal to the version you need.

    Examples of conditional library checking code:

    /* Checking for presence of a new Release 2 library */
    if( AslBase = OpenLibrary("asl.library", 37L) )
            { /* OK to use the ASL requester */ }
            { /* Must use a different method */ }

    /* Check version of an existing library with new Release 2 features */
    if(GfxBase->lib_Version >= 37)   { /* then allow new genlock modes */}

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