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If your program currently uses the 1.3 AmigaDOS Execute() or CreateProc()
functions, then it is definitely worth conditional code to use their V37
replacements when running under Release 2.  The System() function of
Release 2 allows you to pass a command line to AmigaDOS as if it had been
typed at a Shell window.  System() can run synchronously with return
values or asynchronously with automatic cleanup and it also sets up a
proper stdio environment when passed a DOS filehandle for SYS_Input and
NULL for SYS_Output.  In combination with enhanced Release 2 CON:
features, System() can provide a suitable execution environment on either
Workbench or a custom screen.  The CreateNewProc() function provides
additional control and ease in process creation.

CON: input and output in custom Intuition screens and windows is now
supported.  New options in the Release 2 console handler (CON:) provide
the ability to open a CON: on any public Intuition screen, or to attach a
CON: to an existing Intuition window.  Additional options can add a close
gadget or create an AUTO console window which will only open if accessed
for read or write.  Add conditional code to use these system-supported
methods when running under Release 2 or later versions of the OS.  Note
that additional CON: option keywords can be easily removed under 1.3 at
runtime by terminating the CON: string with NULL after the window title.
Consult The AmigaDOS Manual by Bantam Books for additional information on
Release 2 CON: and DOS features.

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