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Images, Borders and IntuiText objects may be directly or indirectly
rendered into the display by the application.  The application can draw
these objects directly into windows or screens by using one of the
functions DrawImage(), DrawBorder() or PrintIText().  The application
supplies the appropriate pointer to a Border, Image or IntuiText structure
as an argument to the function, as well as position information and a
pointer to the correct RastPort.  These rendering functions are discussed
in more detail below.

The application can also draw these objects indirectly by attaching them
to a menu, gadget or requester.  As Intuition places these elements on the
display, it also renders the associated graphics.  The Requester, Gadget,
and MenuItem structures contain one or more fields reserved for rendering
information.  See the specific chapters on these items for information on
attaching graphical objects to them.

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