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;/* easyrequest.c - Execute me to compile me with SAS C 5.10
LC -b1 -cfistq -v -y -j73 easyrequest.c
Blink FROM LIB:c.o,easyrequest.o TO easyrequest LIBRARY LIB:LC.lib,LIB:Amiga.lib

** easyrequest.c - show the use of an easy requester.

#include <exec/types.h>
#include <intuition/intuition.h>

#include <clib/exec_protos.h>
#include <clib/intuition_protos.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef LATTICE
int CXBRK(void)    { return(0); }  /* Disable Lattice CTRL/C handling */
int chkabort(void) { return(0); }  /* really */

/* declare the easy request structure.
** this uses many features of EasyRequest(), including:
**     multiple lines of body text separated by '\n'.
**     variable substitution of a string (%s) in the body text.
**     multiple button gadgets separated by '|'.
**     variable substitution in a gadget (long decimal '%ld').
struct EasyStruct myES =
    sizeof(struct EasyStruct),
    "Request Window Name",
    "Text for the request\nSecond line of %s text\nThird line of text for the request",

struct Library *IntuitionBase;

** Main routine to show the use of EasyRequest()
VOID main (int argc, char **argv)
LONG answer;
LONG number;

number = 3125794;  /* for use in the middle button */

if (IntuitionBase = OpenLibrary("intuition.library",37))
    /* note in the variable substitution:
    **     the string goes in the first open variable (in body text).
    **     the number goes in the second open (gadget text).
    answer = EasyRequest(NULL, &myES, NULL, "(Variable)", number);

    /* Process the answer.  Note that the buttons are numbered in
    ** a strange order.  This is because the rightmost button is
    ** always a negative reply.  The code can use this if it chooses,
    ** with a construct like:
    **     if (EasyRequest())
    **          positive_response();
    switch (answer)
        case 1:
            printf("selected 'Yes'\n");
        case 2:
            printf("selected '%ld'\n", number);
        case 0:
            printf("selected 'No'\n");


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