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    CxCustom -- create a custom commodity object. (V36)

    customObj = CxCustom(action,id);

    CxObj *CxCustom(LONG(*)(),LONG);

    This function creates a custom commodity object. The action
    of this object on receiving a commodity message is to call a
    function of the application programmer's choice.

    The function provided ('action') will be passed a pointer to
    the actual commodities message (in commodities private data
    space), and will actually execute as part of the input handler
    system task. Among other things, the value of 'id' can be
    recovered from the message by using the function CxMsgID().

    The purpose of this function is two-fold. First, it allows
    programmers to create Commodities Exchange objects with
    functionality that was not imagined or chosen for inclusion
    by the designers. Secondly, this is the only way to act
    synchronously with Commodities.

    This function is a C-language macro for CreateCxObj(), defined
    in <libraries/commodities.h>.

    action - a function to call whenever a message reaches the object
    id - a message id to assign to the object

    customObj - a pointer to the new custom object, or NULL if it could
                not be created.

    commodities.library/CreateCxObj(), commodities.library/CxMsgID()

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