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    CreateCxObj -- create a new commodity object. (V36)

    co = CreateCxObj(type,arg1,arg2);
                     D0   A0   A1

    CxObj *CreateCxObj(ULONG,LONG,LONG);

    This function creates a commodity object of type 'type'. It is not
    proper to call this function directly. Each object creation routine
    except CxBroker() is defined as a macro in <libraries/commodities.h>
    These are independently documented.

    All functions which operate on a commodity object are made with
    a reference to the thirty-two bit value returned by this function
    (or by CxBroker()).

    type - the type of object to create as defined in
   arg1 - first argument, meaning depends on 'type'
    arg2 - second argument, meaning depends on 'type'

    co - a pointer to the new object or NULL if it could not be created.
         A NULL return indicates typically a lack of system memory. Minor
         problems in creating an object, such as providing a bad filter
         description to cx_lib/CxFilter(), typically don't cause failure,
         but are recorded in an internal error field in the new object
         which can be accessed via CxObjError().

    CxObjError(), cx_lib/CxFilter(), cx_lib/CxSender(),
    cx_lib/CxSignal(), cx_lib/CxTranslate(), cx_lib/CxDebug(),
    cx_lib/CxCustom(), CxBroker()

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