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	AllocAslRequest -- allocate an ASL requester. (V36)
	AllocAslRequestTags -- varargs stub for AllocAslRequest(). (V36)

	requester = AllocAslRequest(reqType,tagList);
	D0                          D0      A0

	APTR AllocAslRequest(ULONG,struct TagItem *);

	requester = AllocAslRequestTags(reqType,firstTag, ...);

	APTR AllocAslRequestTags(ULONG,Tag,...);

	Allocates an ASL requester data structure of the specified type.

	type - type of requester to allocate. Currently defined types
	       are ASL_FileRequest, ASL_FontRequest and ASL_ScreenModeRequest.
	       ASL_ScreenModeRequest is available starting with asl.library
	       V38 only.
	tags - pointer to an optional tag list specifying how to initialize the
	       data structure returned by this function. See the
	       documentation for AslRequest() for an explanation of
	       how to use the currently defined tags.

	requester - an initialized requester data structure, or NULL on
	            failure. The data structure returned corresponds to the
		    requested type;
			ASL_FileRequest       -> (struct FileRequester *)
			ASL_FontRequest       -> (struct FontRequester *)
			ASL_ScreenModeRequest -> (struct ScreenModeRequester *)

	All ASL requester data structures are READ-ONLY and can only be
	modified by using tags!

	You must not specify requester options by using both pre-V38
	tags like ASLFR_Flags1 and V38 tags like ASLFR_DoSaveMode as
	this can lead to unexpected results.

	Take care when attaching an ASL requester to a simple refresh
	window or a window that already shares its IDCMP with other
	windows. In such cases you must ask for the ASL requester to
	allocate a private IDCMP (with the ASLFR_PrivateIDCMP,
	ASLFO_PrivateIDCMP and ASLSM_PrivateIDCMP tags) or your window
	will lose IDCMP_REFRESHWINDOW events and other messages.

	Under V38 and V39, the filtering functions for the file requester
	were only asked to filter drawer selections if the ASLFR_FilterDrawers
	tag was set to TRUE. The compatible behavior, reestablished in V40,
	is to always pass drawers for filtering.

	As of V38-V40 the ASL requester uses gadtools.library routines to
	create and maintain its user interface. Every IntuiMessage the library
	passes through the functions specified with ASLSM_IntuiMsgFunc and
	ASLSM_HookFunc will have been filtered through the
	gadtools.library/GT_GetIMsg() routine.

	AslRequest(), FreeAslRequest()

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