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	ObtainInfoA -- Inquire tagged font and/or glyph metrics
	ObtainInfo -- varargs form of ObtainInfoA

	error = ObtainInfoA(engineHandle, tagList)
	                    A0            A1

	ULONG ObtainInfoA(struct GlyphEngine *, struct TagItem *);

	error = ObtainInfo(engineHandle, firstTag, ...)

	ULONG ObtainInfo(struct GlyphEngine *, Tag, ...);

	This function accepts a tagList whose tag field elements are
	valid for inquiry, and whose associated data fields are
	pointers to the destination in which to place the requested

	Tag items that refer to data indirectly (OT_Indirect is set)
	return pointers that may be allocated or cached by the
	library.  This data must be treated as read-only data.  When
	the application is done with the data acquired via ObtainInfoA,
	it must perform a ReleaseInfoA to allow the library to release
	the data.

	engineHandle -- the handle acquired via OpenEngine.
	tagList -- a tagList containing OT_ tags valid for inquiry
		paired with the destination pointers for the inquiry
		results.  All destinations are longwords, whether they
		are pointers or values, and regardless of whether the
		value could fit in a smaller variable.

	This function returns a zero success indication, or a non-zero
	error code.

	    ULONG pointSize;
	    struct GlyphMap *glyph;
	    if (!ObtainInfo(EngineHandle, OT_Glyph, &glyph, TAG_DONE)) {
		ReleaseInfo(EngineHandle, OT_Glyph, glyph, TAG_DONE);

	ReleaseInfoA(), diskfont/diskfonttag.h, diskfont/oterrors.h

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