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	ReleaseInfoA -- Release data obtained with ObtainInfoA
	ReleaseInfo -- varargs form of ReleaseInfoA

	error = ReleaseInfoA(engineHandle, tagList)
	                     A0            A1

	ULONG ReleaseInfoA(struct GlyphEngine *, struct TagItem *);

	error = ReleaseInfo(engineHandle, firstTag, ...)

	ULONG ReleaseInfo(struct GlyphEngine *, Tag, ...);

	This function releases the data obtained with ObtainInfoA.
	Data associated with tags that are not indirect, i.e. for which
	OT_Indirect is not set, need not be released, but it is not an
	error to do so.  Released data may be immediately freed or may
	become a candidate to be expunged from memory when the system
	reaches a low memory condition, depending on the library's
	internal implementation.

	Each ReleaseInfoA tag item must be associated with a prior

	engineHandle -- the handle acquired via OpenEngine.
	tagList -- a tagList containing OT_ tags valid for inquiry
		paired with the data previously acquired for them with
		ObtainInfoA.  Null pointers quietly accepted and
		ignored for indirect data.

	This function has no result.  The only error that can occur is
	when the Obtain and Release pairs are mismatched: the
	application is assumed not to do that.

	    ULONG pointSize;
	    struct GlyphMap *glyph;
	    error = ObtainInfo(EngineHandle, OT_Glyph, &glyph, TAG_DONE);
	    ReleaseInfo(EngineHandle, OT_Glyph, glyph, TAG_DONE);

	ReleaseInfoA(), diskfont/diskfonttag.h, diskfont/oterrors.h

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