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This section introduces the basic data structures and functions an
application uses to create an Intuition window.  Intuition uses the Window
data structure defined in <intuition/intuition.h> to represent windows.
Most of Intuition's window functions use this structure in some way.
Other related structures used to create and operate windows are summarized
in Table 4-1.

       Table 4-1: Data Structures Used with Intuition Windows

  Structure Name  Description                    Defined in Include File
  --------------  -----------                    -----------------------
  Window          Main Intuition structure that  <intuition/intuition.h>
                  defines a window

  TagItem         General purpose parameter        <utility/tagitem.h>
                  structure used to set up
                  windows in V37

  NewWindow       Parameter structure used to    <intuition/intuition.h>
                  create a window in V34

  ExtNewWindow    An extension to the NewWindow  <intuition/intuition.h>
                  structure used in V37 for
                  backward compatibility with
                  older systems

  Layer           A drawing rectangle that          <graphics/clip.h>
                  clips graphic operations
                  falling within its boundaries

  RastPort        General purpose handle used     <graphics/rastport.h>
                  for graphics library drawing

Intuition's window system relies on the layers library and graphics
library to implement many of its features.  The Window structure is
closely related to the Layer structure defined in <graphics/clip.h> and
the RastPort structure defined in <graphics/rastport.h>.  The system uses
these structures to store drawing state data. In general, applications
don't have to worry about the internal details of these structures but use
them instead as convenient handles, passing them as arguments to
lower-level functions. See the "Layers Library" and "Graphics Primitives"
chapters for more information.

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