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        SetClickTabNodeAttrsA -- Set attributes of a ClickTab node.

        VOID SetClickTabNodeAttrs(struct Node *, Tag, ...)
        SetClickTabNodeAttrs(node, firsttag, ...)

        VOID SetClickTabNodeAttrsA(struct Node *, struct TagItem *)
        SetClickTabNodeAttrsA(node, taglist)

        Changes attributes for a ClickTab node.  Since the ClickTab
        class uses a private node structure, this is the only way to change
        node attributes.

        You may NOT change node attributes when the node is in a list
        attached to a ClickTab gadget.  You must first detach the list
        with CLICKTAB_Labels, ~0 before you can change attributes, and
        then re-attach the list, and re-render the gadget to reflect
        any changes. This should include re-domaining the gadget.
        If used in a layout group, turn off domain caching for the
        clicktab object if you intend to dynamically alter the tabs
        and refresh the layout group with RethinkLayout().

        TNA_Text (STRPTR)

            Text string to appear as a line in the ClickTab menu node.

        TNA_Number (WORD)

            ID Number assigned to a ClickTab menu node

        TNA_TextPen (WORD)

            Specifies pen number to use for the label.

            Defaults to pens[TEXTPEN].

        node - Node whose attributes you are changing.
        taglist - Tag list of attributes to change.


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